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How To Take Back Control of 24-32 Hours Per Month In Just 30 Minutes a Week!
Imagine what’s possible if you could take back control of 6-8 focused hours 
every week. Think of what else you could accomplish...

Sound farfetched? We’d agree with you if it were not for 
the hundreds of members we’ve already helped!
On September 27th @ 3pm cst,
we’d like to help you, too...
September 27th
3:00 PM Central
Q & A Session
Presentation Brought To You By:
Geoff Woods
Geoff Woods is the Vice President at The ONE Thing and in charge of leading The ONE Thing team.
His mission is to show people how they can have more by doing less by living a productive life. 
What Geoff Is Covering For You... 
  • How you can identify your someday goals with crystal-clear clarity
  • How to identify the ONE thing you should do first, even if don’t have complete control of your schedule
  • How to stay motivated, even when you feel like giving up
  • How to join our new Living Your ONE Thing community and help those devistated by the recent hurricanes
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