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How to Host Your Own
Goal Setting Retreat
with Jay Papasan & Wendy Papasan
Wednesday 10/18
3:00 PM Central
Q & A Session
No one succeeds alone, yet most people try to...
Last year, we interviewed Jay and Wendy Papasan at The ONE Thing Couples Goal Setting Retreat about how they set goals together and the challenges that come up along the way. 

We learned so much from them and their experience as they shared the extraordinary results they’ve accomplished, the unanticipated goals that surface with time, and the goals they’ve failed to achieve. 

They continue to be impressed by how effective this framework is for everyone from couples, business partners, teams, individuals, and families!

Tune in on Thursday, October 18th @ 3pm central for a LIVE webinar with Jay and Wendy to learn how you can host your own goal setting retreat. 

Looking for a deeper dive? 

Join us (and the Papasan’s) in Austin, Texas Nov. 17-18th for The ONE Thing Couple’s Goal Setting Retreat, where you will discover the proven models to set your goals with the people who impact your success the most. 
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